What We Do:

  • Incentive Marketing made simple
  • Drive Repeat Business
  • Low competition within network
  • Cross Promotions

What We Do Not:

  • Free trial
  • Track coupons
  • Accept every business as a Partner
  • Low cost

Our goal is to increase small business revenue through
Incentive Marketing!

Puruz offers a number of services to businesses that reduce their operating costs. We recently signed on for the credit card processing service which will save our small business 15 to 20% in monthly charges. More important was that Puruz made the transition seamless and fast. I highly recommend them.
Melanie LaRocca~ Ciao Bow Wow

We here at Puruz believe local, small businesses can always use a little extra exposure to get their product or service out there. Competing against the large chain stores is hard enough, so why pay exuberant prices for advertising or take a loss on paying companies like Groupon or Living Social? Oftentimes the small business takes a loss on these discount deals. Here at Puruz your cost is just $9.99 a month for the exposure. We always link directly to your website, social media and any other pertinent info you want on your profile, and will even build an inexpensive website if you don’t already have one. Just being a Partner, Puruz gives you social media, web, print and other media exposure on your behalf.

Our Members will have a key chain or a credit card-like card or phone app to which they simply show to receive your discount/incentive whenever they visit your establishment(s). This helps not only bringing them in but to keep them coming back.  Always choose a discount you can easily live with but also gives enough of an incentive to keep them coming.  We are looking for permanent Partners with which we can grow with, as we carefully select the establishments we want as a Partner so we don’t ‘crowd’ similar businesses that are close in physical proximity to each other in our portfolio. Being a Partner is an exclusive partnership we value and want you to feel the value of offering an incentive to our members.

Check out our Partners FAQ for commonly asked questions.